Our professional underwriters will help yacht Owner to find the best insurance for the boat and calculate the amount of insurance premium based on a list of necessary risks.

Owner can secure the following risks:

  • HULL






  • WAR


Hull Insurance

Reliable all-round protection
Yacht hull conditions cover damage to yacht, as well as equipment and accessories, resulting from, amongst others, theft, fire, acts of God, sinking, flooding, grounding, collision or piracy.

Reimbursement without deductions
Owner will get a fixed insurance sum, which will be reimbursed in the event of total loss without any deduction for actual cash value, so that Owner is able to afford an equivalent vessel.

No excess for you

No excess will be charged in the event of total loss, burglary, transport damage, fire, lightning strike, damage to personal effects and many other events.

New for old
If the vessel is damaged and needs new parts for repairs, Insurer will cover partial damage without deduction for actual cash value, up to the agreed insurance sum.

Salvage? No problem!
Unlimited costs are covered without excess in the event of salvage or wreck removal.


Inspection costs included
If Owner has grounded the vessel, the necessary inspection costs are covered without excess, irrespective of whether any damage is established.

Abandoned yacht
Insurer considers the abandonment of a vessel due to danger to life and limb to be an insured event if the vessel is still missing after three months.


Construction and material errors
Consequential damages resulting from construction or material errors, as well as wear and tear resulting from normal use, are fully covered in the event of an insured peril. Only the damage to the directly affected part is excluded.

Transport and storage
Land and river transport of the yacht are covered, as are slipway and crane procedures, winter storage and shipyard and repair stays.


Fast breakdown assistance
Costs for assistance in an emergency, e.g. towing to the nearest shipyard or delivery of fuel and replacement parts, are covered up to a total of EUR 5000.


Liability Insurance


Reliable all-round protection
Personal injury, as well as material and nancial damage, are covered all over the world. This also applies to claims by crew members, for example against the skipper or against other crew members.

Nothing to gain from the other party?
If a third party is guilty of damaging the vessel, but Owner cannot recover any costs, e.g. due to the other party‘s insolvency, yacht liability conditions cover this.

Rescue system triggered? Don‘t worry!
If Owner accidentally trigger one of the rescue systems, e.g. EPIRB or DSC, the resulting search and assistance costs will be reimbursed.

We set you free
If the vessel has been impounded on of official instructions, impound fees of up to EUR 100,000 will be paid.

Protection for the skipper
With yacht liability conditions, Owner is also automatically insured as skipper of a hired or chartered motorboat or sailing yacht.

Pure regatta fun
Insurer's yacht liability insurance covers regatta risks as standard.


Defence against unjustified claims
Legal defence against unjustifed claims for damages by third parties is also automatically included.


Additional sports equipment
Damage arising from the use of dinghies and watersports equipment belonging to the vessel is also insured.


Water pollution
Damage arising, for example, from water contamination, including groundwater, is covered.




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