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Legal Assistance

Along with services as marine insurance broker, Europe Marine Group also offers to its clients legal services:

  • Advising on matters related to maritime law;

  • Advising on matters related to law of marine insurance;

  • Providing with legal information concerning marine insurance and maritime law;

  • Other types of legal support.


Our partners - the insurance companies from Latvia, Russia, Germany, Great Britain and other countries, maritime lawyers from Russia, Germany and France, as well as insurance brokers, through whom we place a complex risk and reinsurance risks.


Quality of service
  • We work with vessels of all types and sizes and obtain insurance quotes worldwide;

  • Working with the Europe Marine Group can help you save up to 30% of insurance premiums;

  • The broker represents the interests of the shipowner;

  • We work around the clock.

  • You can also use our legal services and sales of ships, yachts services.